Improve Your Balance from the Pelvis

Osteopathic clinic in LymingtonThis exercise is great for so many things! Use it to see how stable you are at the pelvis when balancing; this is great if you find you get niggles in the hip, ankle, foot or knee on walking and running and general activity. The exercise helps to strengthen your small gluteal muscles (outer side of the hip), reduce knee pain on running and for general hip strengthening, balance and co-ordination.

There are a number of muscles, joints and ligaments working around the pelvis to kep you stable while moving about, not to mention all of the efforts your lower extremities make without you realising! It’s amazing, so have a little experiment and see if this exercise might help you as part of your plan to improve your balance and muscle tone on standing, walking, running and so much more!

Enjoy! Let me know if you have any difficulties

Thank you for reading,