Strengthen legs, improve balance and stability

Osteopath Lymington - strengthen legsDo you find that turning one way during skiing is more tricky than the other?? Well, I know I do! (not just for skiing by the way, for improving your strength in the legs and balance, so important at all ages and in rehabilitation after an injury) And I know what to do to help..
If you were to balance on one leg, which would you choose? The chosen leg is probably your most ‘stable’ leg; which can be the left if you’re right footed, as the left leg will be used to stabilise while the right does the action and vice versa, not always, but often.
You may find then, that the ‘weaker’ or poorer balanced leg will let you down when this is your ‘downhill leg’ during a turn while skiing. This can also be true for cycling around corners, running, or just walking about, even if very subtle, it can lead to niggles that come and go in the ankle, knee, hip and low back or poorer performance.
Following this exercise for improving your balance, hip, knee and ankle strength and flexibility, can make all the difference to your confidence in your leg strength and co-ordination and stability. Not just for improving your sport performance, this is really useful after knee, ankle and hip operations and injuries too as part of rehabilitation; contact me for more details and to tweak to suit your program.