The Bell; Finding Your Comfortable ‘Neutral’ Position

The Bell Exercise;

Osteopathy Lymington - neutral positionDo you find that use can’t quite get comfortable in the back and shoulders while staying still for long periods? Trying to find your ‘neutral’ position using the ‘bell’ can really help you breathe easier, reduce tension in the muscles and improve digestion by taking pressure off of the abdomen. The word ‘Neutral’ used in this context just means the position that’s easiest, most comfortable on your body while giving your bodily structures a little more space and ‘length’ to function better while remaining in a still position, staying healthier and more comfortable for longer.

Of course, staying still for long periods is not ideal in any situation, in any position as your body is build to MOVE! But we all have to stay still sometimes, whether we are at work, at a wedding or meeting, or out for dinner. Don’t forget that even when you are still- you can wiggle about a bit, use the bell technique for this too!

This ‘Bell’ exercise to find your ‘neutral’ is another great one from Joanne Elphinston. It helps you to find out whether you are in a ‘neutral’ position while standing, sitting, working, and then if you’re not already, to get into your ‘neutral’ comfortable posture and have a nice wiggle around in your mission, which is lovely for your back in itself!

Finding a nice comfortable position and posture takes the muscles strain off of the shoulders, neck, back, chest and abdomen! Give it a try!

Thank you for reading and watching,