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Diaphragm breathing is a way to relax the body, ease away tension and reduce stress both physically and mentally. This simple video explains how to do it and makes it easy to check yourself during your day to see how you breathe.

Are you twisting enough when you walk and run? Is one side more twisty than the other? Learn about how we walk and run and how you can make these basic movements more efficient, improving your workout, your back health, and speed too!!

Posture is something lots of people are concerned about, but really it should be more about getting yourself comfortable in a way that your body can function well and limit pressure on muscles and other internal structures. This video helps you to learn how to find your comfy standing and sitting position, but you shouldn't rely on just this, get moving as much and as often as you can , even if it's minutely !!

If you've tried breathing exercises, most would have concentrated on the diaphragm- but what about the rest of the rib cage and back? This video shows you how to get an all over rib and back stretch with your breathing.

Find out if you're stable in the pelvis! Strengthening your glute min & med can reduce knee pain while running!

This is an exercise to help you notice which part of the body you are using to breathe in, we tend to use the upper ribs especially when stressed and rushing about. This helps to teach you to use the diaphragm muscle taking strain off of the upper body in assisting breathing, it's also calming and can be used for relaxation.

This is brilliant for those tight spots in the upper and mid back!

Over complicated posture advice can leave you feeling confused and uncomfortable, this is a really simple posture tip that's easy to remember and can be used for everything! While standing, walking, running sitting, skiing!!

Use this handy method to find your comfortable neutral position, taking pressure off of parts of the spine and opening up the chest, ribs and abdomen.

Turning one way easier than the other way while skiing? You may find you're a lot more stable on one side, this video can help you find out which side you favour and an exercise you can improve your balance, control and strength in the legs.

Do you have dreadful under the foot pain on standing and walking ? You may have plantar fasciitis or a strain under the foot. This video will give you some easy advice and exercises to try to relieve the pain of taking those first few steps.

If you've had an injury that you're recovering from or just feel like you're unsteady on your feet, this exercise can help you to build up strength, stability, balance and confidence in your lower extremities and also help reduce musculo-skeletal complaints aggravated by poor unilateral balance