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Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is something I’ve seen lots of patients with, and have had symptoms of myself as well, so can fully sympathise! Over the years I’ve picked up on the best things that help and advice for patients to take away to help themselves, so I thought I’d share this with you. What is it? Read more about Plantar Fasciitis[…]

Improve Your Balance from the Pelvis

This exercise is great for so many things! Use it to see how stable you are at the pelvis when balancing; this is great if you find you get niggles in the hip, ankle, foot or knee on walking and running and general activity. The exercise helps to strengthen your small gluteal muscles (outer side Read more about Improve Your Balance from the Pelvis[…]

Strengthen legs, improve balance and stability

Do you find that turning one way during skiing is more tricky than the other?? Well, I know I do! (not just for skiing by the way, for improving your strength in the legs and balance, so important at all ages and in rehabilitation after an injury) And I know what to do to help.. Read more about Strengthen legs, improve balance and stability[…]

The Bell; Finding Your Comfortable ‘Neutral’ Position

The Bell Exercise; Do you find that use can’t quite get comfortable in the back and shoulders while staying still for long periods? Trying to find your ‘neutral’ position using the ‘bell’ can really help you breathe easier, reduce tension in the muscles and improve digestion by taking pressure off of the abdomen. The word Read more about The Bell; Finding Your Comfortable ‘Neutral’ Position[…]

Walking and Running Technique

Get Twisting! Improve your backs’ flexibility, your walking and running technique! How does your back move when you are walking and running? Get your twist on ! Next time you go for a run or even a brisk walk; from the corner of your eye- look out for the way your shoulders and arms move… Read more about Walking and Running Technique[…]